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Our Innovation Highlights

Our strength rests on three axes of innovation that we master perfectly:
  • the integration of sensors into the fabric,
  • the use of algorithms
  • and data processing.
We combine our areas of expertise to create value and embed it in your products.

The fabric is the best support for innovation: it is already at the heart of every usage.

We integrate our technology directly into the fabric while respecting a manufacturing process based on a set of patented technological solutions: from sensor miniaturization to integration, to enabling data capture, transmission and management.

The measured data is processed by powerful to provide information customized to the user and based on his level of understanding of this information.

Our algorithms allow us to analyze the long-term usages and trends and provide truly relevant advice for end-users. Managing data through big data also leverages our algorithms and can optimize a CRM strategy for example by providing our partner companies with new key elements to understand their customers’ behavior.

We collect and store data measured by our sensors within a secure, scalable and open big data platform

The platform allows access to the information collected through an API with multiple functions that enable complex services rapidly. Our unique approach considers time and space as the most important data points associated with each measure collected.
The platform includes data sharing mechanisms through an application ecosystem that customers can benefit from by bringing their personal data in a controlled manner.

Data is at the heart of our research and we stand by you to advise you about the choice or development of the best sensors, for maximum accuracy and reliability.

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