Worldwide Leader in Connected Fabrics

Cityzen Sciences,
Worldwide Leader in Connected Fabrics

We make available to our partners our innovative vision and adapt it to all their fabric-based products : we translate the needs of our customers into innovative and connected solutions. Whether to simplify or create, innovation is at the heart of our business!

We develop our connected fabrics’ products in collaboration with our partners and allow them to collect and analyze large quantities of data. This optimized analysis creates value both for the final consumer and for the company marketing the products, while always respecting the user and the confidentiality of his data.
We create customized services based on the usages and needs of users, but also based on the products and the values associated with the brand. Our partners acquire a solid knowledge of the usage of the products by their customers, and can thus continuously adapt their offer to meet their needs, demands, and desires.

Do you want to create connected fabrics’ products?

Let's transform your products into smart objects. Our R & D engineers, specialists in sensor development, fabric integration, software development, data processing and industrialization, innovate for you!
With us, you provide products and services a new dimension in the digital economy, and we guarantee you a key position in the world of tomorrow!
We design with you all the necessary services to meet your target: Android and iOS applications, web analytic interface….
We support you in processing your data using a Big Data platform and guarantee complete security.

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